Striking, High Quality, Deep blue journal with textured cover and copper stamped "Loved" in lower right corner. Journal, Keepsake, Unique Gift

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Journals Not Cards was featured on the local ABC station, KCRG-TV9 on Valentine's Day: Marion woman builds business from family tradition (

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Marion woman builds business from family tradition (

Sharing our family tradition in the form of a business was a dream I didn't even know that I had until May of 2023. I had shared our tradition with friends (and anyone else who would listen) for years, but I always felt a little helpless when they asked HOW to choose the RIGHT journal. We had been using a journal from a great company for 10 years, but it wasn't the best tool for the job. Learn what makes a Loved journal special at Why buy a "Loved" journal? – Journals Not Cards



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