Stack of high quality Loved journals displaying the spines and sewn binding. Over 100 lined and framed pages for messages with facing pages left blank for drawings, overflow messages, or space between messages..

Why buy a "Loved" journal?

What makes a Loved journal special? Why not just buy an inexpensive journal from a big box store?

The Loved journal was meticulously created after almost 10 years of using "just a regular journal" and seeing what worked and what didn't. We went through many different designs and prototypes before we landed on one that was up to my exceptionally high standards...right down to the shape of the corners!

What worked?

The size. Approximately 5"x6.5" is the right amount of space to leave a meaningful message without being overwhelmed by feeling like you have to fill the entire page. It's a great size to leave on a nightstand, tuck in a drawer, or even carry around with you. There are just over 200 pages, enough to feel substantial and hold a lot of messages. 

The concept. Having one book filled with memories and messages is a priceless treasure. It didn't feel like much the first year or two, as it wasn't a lot different than a handmade card or handwritten message in a card. However, over time, having all of those things in one convenient place has been such an incredible gift.

What didn't?

The weight and quality of the paper, the format, the cover, the never-ending lines, the binding. 

How did we fix it?

We use 80lb uncoated, wood-free paper in our Loved journals. This limits shadowing and bleeding for most tested writing tools. (However, we always suggest using the last page as a test page to be extra careful.) Uncoated paper reduces ink smears and offers a higher quality and more sophisticated look and feel of the final product. According to professionals in the industry, wood-free paper is less likely to yellow compared to paper containing mechanical pulp and also offers several environmental benefits, including reduced deforestation, decreased energy consumption, and improved waste management.

We created a two-page format to allow the option to draw on one side and write on the other. Instead of 200 pages of endless lines, a Loved journal has a few special pages at the front and then 102 framed and lined pages paired with a blank page on the opposite side. The blank side may be used for drawings, overflow for longer messages, or simply open space for a minimalist look. The frame around each lined page provides a natural boundary for each message, and easily separates one from the next message. You can write just a few lines in the middle of the page, and it looks intentional rather than simply wasting space.

The cover is made of 120lb texturized paperback with copper imprinted ink. The deep blue cover is dyed through, so even if the book gets scratched or torn, it will remain the same blue color. There's no coating or thin sheet of "leather" that will wear off over time. We also created a custom-sized box for storage that provides extra protection for your journal and makes it feel even more special. The box could also be used to store additional notes, small cards, or pictures.

Lay flat binding is sewn to make this a high quality product where pages will not begin to fall out after a few years. It is also a more comfortable writing experience for left-handed writers! The cover is not glued to the spine, meaning the cover "spine" of the journal should not crease. (Sidenote: Did you know that there's an idea way to break in a book without breaking the spine? Check it out! You don't need to do this for your journal, but it will open even better if you do!)


A basic journal can do the job. However, a Loved journal will do it a LOT better! A Loved journal provides a higher quality, more durable, longer lasting product that was specifically designed to be an experience worthy of holding memories and messages for decades to come. It makes a beautiful gift that only increases in value as it is filled over time. 

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