About Us

Journals Not Cards is a local small business in Marion, Iowa, that I (Becky) started along with support from my husband and two boys. A new family tradition was started on Mother's Day, 2014 when my husband and boys (then 3 and 9 months) started writing in a journal instead of buying another greeting card. 10 years later, it is the most valuable and treasured gift I have ever received.  It truly continues to get better with time, and I wouldn't sell it for a million dollars.

After years of sharing the concept with friends, but never having a specific product to recommend that could do the job exceptionally well, I decided I would create one! (Is this where I admit that I have strong opinions and high standards about all of the little details like paper weight and quality, color of the interior ink, and even the shape of the corners?) It was the start of what I hope to become a movement of people taking the time to share messages of love with others in a place where it can be cherished and read over and over again. 

Our "Why"...

Why go to great lengths to meticulously design and create a journal for one specific task? In short, because we have seen firsthand the incredible power of handwritten messages over time, for both the giver and the receiver. We want others to be able to share in those special moments together. We want others to have something sitting at their bedside at the end of a long, horrible day that they can read over and over again to be reminded of all of the love in their lives. We want people to have easy access to these messages instead of having a pile of sweet messages tucked away in a box in the corner of the basement. We want to do our part to build love and connection in this difficult and frustrating world. We believe in the power of making people feel truly seen. We believe in taking small steps and making choices that reduce clutter and impact on our environment. 

We believe that there's nothing on the market that can achieve all of these things as well as a high quality keepsake Loved journal. It was originally designed as a substitute for exchanging greeting cards on holidays with flexibility for other uses. It makes the perfect Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, bridal shower, or baby shower gift. Over time, we continue to add to the different ways that a Loved journal could be used. The opportunities are endless! Pages are lined and framed on only one side to define each message and allow space for drawing or adding a photo. These versatile, keepsake, high quality journals come in a matching box for protection, storage, and easy, impressive gifting.

We look forward to having you join us in intentionally connecting with those you love and letting them know over and over again how much they are loved, cherished, respected, and appreciated!


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