Ways to Use "Loved"

Ways to Use "Loved"

The beauty of this journal is that there are endless ways that it can be used. It was designed to truly be the gift for someone who has everything while also being the perfect baby or wedding shower gift! 

Our family calls the journal "Mom's Book." My husband and boys write in it every birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Anniversary instead of purchasing a separate card for each occasion. Not only is this book an absolutely priceless treasure, it has cut down on clutter in our home, and we figure it has saved our family hundreds of dollars. 

However, when I designed this book, I wanted something that could work for everyone, not just moms.

Other ways to use the journal:

- Baby Shower Gift

- Bridal Shower/Wedding Gift (order one to share or one for each person)

- Gift for a child (for parents or friends to write in each year)

- Book of handwritten wisdom/advice from one generation to the next

- An ongoing dialogue between two family members or friends

- Teacher Gift: At the end of the year, let students each take a page to write a message to their teacher

- Document visits and special memories with family and friends (perfect for out of state grandparents!)


As we release this journal into the world, I look forward to learning how others use it to connect with those they love.

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